Jennifer L. Kendall

About Me

         Jennifer L. Kendall the owner of Myotherapy for men & women. Graduated from Chicago School of Massage therapy. Nationally Certified in therapeutic massage and licensed with the state of Wisconsin and a member of American Massage therapy Association. 

         I have been practicing massage therapy for ten years. Before I became a massage therapist I was working in a chiropractic office for several years. Becoming more interested in natural health brought me to this profession. I am always increasing my knowledge of massage therapy to enchance client benifits.

It is my goal to ensure a safe, comfortable, therapeutic environment to support a healthy experience. 

Myotherapy was started in order to make a positive diffrence in  lives of others. 

Massage therapy takes you to a deep state of balancing body, mind and soul.

         I am committed to making my love of this healing art a life long Journey