Jennifer L. Kendall


Dear Jennifer
I'd like to take a moment to write a testimonial to you and your newly acquired profession, massage therapy. I have known you for about three years and our first meeting was in Dr Troy's office where I came for treatment. From the very first time we met you set me at ease with your easy going, bubbly, happy personality. You were also gifted with the ability to physically handle patients and make them comfortable. It was this comfort and ease with which you worked that soon had me giving you all kinds of advice about going on to develop a career of your own. You decided shortly after that to start your schooling to further your career in healing and I listened as you told me about your progress. I was happy for you when you graduated and you were very enthusiastic about beginning your chosen profession. I of course was anxious to have you try your skills on me. After a short time I made an appointment and was very pleased and satisfied with your skills. With the skills that you learned and practiced, along with the knowledge you gained about the human anatomy while working with Troy I found it to be a good combination and as a chiropractic assistant it helped you in the healing art of massage. As for myself, it was a great help for me to have you already familiar with my various problems and I didn't have to explain much that you didn't already know about me. It made it so much easier for you to begin working on my unique problems. You have a strong and yet gentle touch and when you  massaged my fingers and hands I realized that it was a great help to ease the arthritis in my hands as it helped make it easier for me to play my piano. Since I play the piano and at times a lot of practice tightens the muscles in my forarms I can always count on you to loosen them up for me and take the knots out. I have come to view massage therapy as a necessity rather than a luxury as I come for stretching and trigger point work to ease the spasms of stress and overworked muscles. I know it also helps rid the body of toxins and I know that is important also. You are a delightful young girl, full of ambition and a real intense love of life and people. Never lose your infectious laugh ,your smile, or your positive attitude towards life. I truly enjoy your professionalism and also you as a person. Thanks so much for everything.
Lucille Page

Dear Jennifer,

I have been having myotherapy sessions with you regularly for some time now.  I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much those sessions mean to me. After each session, I feel transported to a higher realm, calmer, quieter, lighter and healthier.  It is amazing to me how skilled you are. You are clearly in the right line of work. You have a magic touch that is strong when necessary and soothing when necessary.  It all seems to work out perfectly. I always have the raindrop therapy with the scented oils which I love.

 Your kind and gentle manner is reassuring, calming and professional at the same time. I am amazed at how knowledgeable you are. I recommend you to everyone I know because I want them all to receive the healing experience I receive. I feel as though I am taking good care of myself every time you work on me. I look forward to our sessions knowing that they are helping me release stress as well as helping me to maintain health and well being.  It was a great day for me when I discovered you. Thank you so much for being an important part of my life and my health experience. I hope that more and more people will discover what a treasure you are.

 Peace and Love,  Sharie Sloane Gauerke